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Fuze for iPad

fuze for ipadFuze for iPad , iphone and computers.

I have been looking for a free (at least to start) webinar program and Fuze for ipad, iphone and computers looks good! Right now have been looking for one just for a small group. We all have ipads so this one is interesting! It will run on your ipad, iphone or computer. You can have up to 12 streaming video feeds at once – for free! This means that up to 12 of us, using ipads (ipad 2 or newer) will be able to use our cameras, meet online, share what ever is on the host and/or presenter ipad.

What a wonderful way to meet and connect! The free plan which fits my budget right now, lets me have up to 25 people at once and 12 of us can use ipad cameras or web cams.  You even get 1 gig of online storage. You can use this to upload a powerpoint or other presentation, files, photos to share.  You can also visit and display websites to your participants.

Everyone will need to be on wifi because of the cameras.  There are about a dozen or so of us in my group. The interface looks pretty easy. So will get one or two volunteers to help me stumble and fumble thru it. Then have a larger meeting. I will post another review after we have played with it!