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Data Overage Charges on iPhone

 Data Overage Charges on iPhone, iPad!

Just upgraded to iOS 9 the newest operating system for your iphone or ipad? If you don’t have unlimited data (and most don’t now) then turn off “wifi assist”.  This is turned on by default. Already a group of people are suing Apple blaming overage charges on the wifi assist feature – new to ios 9

It’s very easy to turn off

Go to Settings
assist2Tap on it.

Go to Cellular  and tap on it.








Now scroll all the way down to the bottom.
If you have a lot of apps that use cellular data (most do) then it may be a long scroll down!

Look for “wifi assist” and if it shows green, tap it to turn it off. Now you are done! What this does is uses cellular data if your wifi connection is poor. If that is the case you can turn it back on temporarily. But then you will know better than to watch Youtube videos using your cellular plan.

While you are here, go to your online cell company account. Find out what day of the month your new month starts. Mine happens to be on the 16th. So on that day (or close to it) I reset the statistics. Then I can track how much data I am using so I can budget it if need be and not run out!

Most cell plans will also let you set up alerts such as a text message warning you when you are half way thru your data allotment and then again when you are about to run out.










ipadiPhone, iPad Update Workshop – Cost $35
When: Tuesday November 18, at 2:00 PM at MCAR

iphone will be projected to screen


** Click on Store Link to sign up online


What we will Cover: New ios8 updates
(you need iphone 4s or ipad 2 or newer)

  • New Camera Features and ones you may have forgotten
  • Adjust and Lock Camera Focus and Exposures for Better Photos
  • Use the new camera filters to make photos more interesting!
  • Color Contrast Exposure – Fix Photos fast – new built in tools
  • New Alerts, Favs – how to use or turn off – if it drives you crazy!
  • Use the Wonderful       new “Family Sharing”
  • Back up to icloud or iTunes – which is best for you and how
  • iPhone, iPad Life in the clouds with no computer
  • Where the heck are my files?
  • Two Apps – Scan documents anywhere
  • Update Your Apps
  • Never Lose Your Apps
  • Siri Does more
  • Email Signature
  • Finger Exercises – swipe from bottom top and middle – what it does

**Cancellation Policy
Refund minus $5 process fee – up to 48 hrs prior. After that – credit towards future workshop, webinar or your spot can be transferred to anyone. Just send email saying who is taking your place.

Eileen Begley (831) 277-9939

Health App for iphone

 Health App for iphone
Health App for iphone





Have you updated yet? You need an iphone 4S or newer and ipad 2 or newer (has to have the camera). Is it worth it – yes! It requires several gigs of free space to install – more space than it actually needs once installed.

Apple is billing this as the biggest update since the inception of the iphone. You will see some immediate changes but more will follow once app developers get going. There is now more creative freedom for developers.

I am going to touch on  1 aspect –  the new Health App that is built in to the iphone ios version. Sorry not available on the ipad. Find the icon with the heart. Tap on medical Id in the lower right corner.


Then edit >upper right corner. You can add allergies – I’m allergic to Sulfa Drugs. List medications you are taking, add an emergency contact, blood type, if you are an organ donor and any medical conditions. You can choose to have this info available even when your phone is locked. Emergency responders can look at your iphone and obtain a great deal of info.












The health app is going to be the central location for all your health info – if you choose. Other fitness and Health apps will later tie into this app.

F.lux Software

F.Lux Software – Free and Wonderful!

I love F.Lux! And it’s free. What does it do? It changes your screen to match the sun, to match the time of day. Earlier in the day the lighting will be blue toned. In the evening it will be more golden. Why should you care? Well monitors and other devices such as your iphone, tablet emit blueish light which is stimulating and makes it harder for you to go to sleep.

Enter f.lux I just didn’t want to bother. But after struggling more and more with insomnia I was ready to try anything. Didn’t expect much from it. But found myself yawning more and more as the evening wore on. I started thinking about bed at around 10:00 rather than my more common 11:00 pm or later.Also it is easy on your eyes. The change is very gradual.

And did I mention it’s free? Get f.lux now!

Apps Gone Free

Apps Gone Free – Good to help build your apps library!


Great iphone, ipad app to find free apps for your idevice. Easy to use. Just install and check daily. There will be a list with details and links of apps that are free. It shows a nice thumbnail image of the app and the star rating, as well as the usual price for it.  You can set your alerts so it will notify you when new free apps are available.

You do need to check it daily or you will miss out. Some apps are only free for one day. I have gotten a number of apps that were completely free – just for the one day. Not trial version, with water marks or other limitations.  Most of the featured apps seem to be in this category.  There are a lot of games of course. But I have gotten some great photo, video and business apps also.

You can’t miss with Apps Gone Free! (Unless like me you are an app a holic and running out of room!)


Life Dreams and Legacy

Sims Life Dreams and Legacy Update






Also known as the Death Update – Tips

Best way to give your Sims more time to finish their life dreams is at Toddler level
Life Points to NOT age yet:

Toddler   – 5 life points
Pre-teen –
Adult   – 18 Life Points
Senior – 10 Life Points

How to Study Trigonometry

Sims Freeplay – tip for the new Life Dream Teen Quest

The Sims Freeplay is fun, funny and frustrating at times. Are you working on the new Life Dream Quest for a new teenager? Have you had them sitting at the study desk but nothing happens on the progress bar? Well my teen is now a Valedictorian at school because he has studied so hard at his desk! But Trig? No way. What a life dream. Hard for me to relate as math was not my favorite subject.

Sims Freeplay How to Study Trigonometry

Study Trigonometry – Use the Scholarly Bookcase

Ok, you need a bookcase for the teen to start on his Life Dream of studying Trigonometry.  Can’t be just any bookcase though – has to be the three star scholarly bookcase.  Or if you built the teen idol mansion it is on the first floor. See the photo below so you don’t buy the wrong one. You can just stow it in the Sims backpack and then move it to where ever your teenage Sim lives.

Are you a Sims Freeplay fan? Well if you found this post, then probably.  So bookmark or get updates on this site and watch my upcoming Sims Videos



Teen Life Goal - How to Study Trigonometery
Screen shot photo of how to study trigonometry – Sims Freeplay

Coming soon!






iOS 7 September

ios7iOS 7 should be here by early September 2013.

Should you upgrade? If you have the iphone 4 or higher and the iPad two or higher than you have the option to upgrade. Some choose to wait to see if there are any bugs. Also some of your favorite programs may not work for awhile. It takes many app developers time to update their application to work with the new operating system.

There are some new features that sound useful. The control center should be easier and faster to access. You just swipe up from the bottom of your screen. You can then access airplane mode, wifi, screen lock and screen brightness. There is also a new flashlight which I will find useful.

Swipe down from the top of your screen and open the notification center. You can choose to just see the alerts you have missed. That’s something very useful for me!

You can quickly go to the apps you have open to use or close them.

The built in camera now has filters. Many of us are not likely to find this useful as there are other very sophisticated cameras and filters.  There are some changes to the photo album but will have to use and test them to see if they are useful!

Air Drop sounds useful – send photos, contacts, other info to anyone close by to you who is also running ios 7.  Siri is supposed to be more sophisticated. And they have an iTunes radio. But I already use and love Pandora.

The new “find my iphone” sounds very useful. You can not only remotely erase your info, you can also post a message on the screen telling the user to call you. And you can lock you phone so it can not be used at all! Not much use stealing if they can’t use it.

At some point you almost have to upgrade to a new operating system as your favorite apps will update to the new ios 7.  But you might want to wait a few weeks (or months) and let your apps update first!


everpassFree Password Keeper for PC, iPhone and iPad and the Mac!

Maybe there are other free password keepers that work both for my PC and my iphone & ipad – but not bothering to look further. Everpassword, is free (good price!) I am trying to cut the cord as much as possible and be mobile – just the iphone and iPad much of the time. I am in Real Estate Sales so being mobile is essential.

I easily installed the program on my PC.  to download.  Downloaded the program on your idevice.  Sign up for an account. You can do so online or from any of your devices. Then log in and you will see the password keeper screen.ever3 Fill in your passwords for the different sections such as bank account, credit cards and so on. Scroll down further and there are more choices such as log ins for websites. Doesn’t matter which device you create a password, they will all be synched together! Be sure and use the same email and log in password on each device!

Now the only password you need to remember is your Master Password. Do NOT lose this password as Everpassword does not save or know your password. If you are forgetful – then write it down somewhere. Yes, I know they tell you to never do this! Just do not keep it anywhere near your computer. Maybe in a book that you will remember? Or ??

If you want a really strong and random password you can go to settings and let EverPassword generate a password for you!

To install go to

ios 6 coming soon

iOS6 for iphone & iPad coming sooniOS 6 the newest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod is mostly likely to be available either later in September or in October. It’s often tied to the new release of the iphone – the iPhone 5 in this case. Sometimes it’s good to wait as there can be bugs. But doubt if I will wait as am looking forward to some of the newer features. One big change expected is a major update to the maps – which will have turn by turn directions. They will no longer be using Google Maps. They will be using an Apple version instead. Not sure if that will be good or bad!

If you happen to have the newest version of the iPad – you will get to have Siri! I am still with the iPad 2 so no change there for me. There are some nice updates for the iphone. You can sent a call straight thru to voice mail or send a quick text message in reply.  You can also use Facetime on your cellular network rather than just over wifi.  Wonder how much of your minutes it will use up? I actually have unlimited minutes so will experiment and let you know.

The newest iOS 6 update will work on phones 3GS, iphone 4 and iphone 4S.  Also will work on the iPod touch 4th generation and the iPad2 and the latest 3rd generation ipad.  Sorry ipad 1 users – you are left behind on this one.