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Courses - EZTechTraining.com


Courses – Online and FREE!

iPad & iPhone – Basic Course – Coming Soon and FREE!  We will be adding video tutorials and/or written instructions.

Skills for Level One – You need the following skills

  1. Get on wifi – at home if you have it. Or at local library, coffee shop, etc. (iphone, ipad)
  2. Add email to your device. (iphone, ipad)
  3. Set up account in iTunes (iphone, ipad)
  4. Set up account in iCloud (iphone, ipad)
  5. Apps – Update, delete, move, put in folders, arrange on task bar (iphone, ipad)
  6. Back up device to your computer (iphone, ipad)
  7. Camera Basics (iphone, ipad)
  8. Video Basics  (iphone, ipad)
  9. Camera Roll Basics  (iphone, ipad)
  10. Move PDF & ebooks to idevice. (iphone, ipad)
  11. Move Music to idevice (iphone, ipad)
  12. Swipes – Up,
  13. Swipe Middle
  14. Swipe down from top
  15. 10 Things you can do to save your battery
  16. Create email signature

ipad & iphone Essentials

Skills for Level Two:

  1. Airdrop – move photo and video files between devices (iphone, ipad)
  2. Use iCloud for idevices (iphone, ipad)
  3. Transfer Video Files from iphone or ipad to your computer without itunes  (iphone, ipad)
  4. Outlook – synch contacts from idevice to computer (iphone, ipad)
  5. Set up Find my Phone  (iphone, ipad)
  6. Text Message skills – send a text message, add a photo to a text message
  7. Dropbox (or Google Drive, iCloud drive) automatically upload photos online