Free Software

Picasa – Great program for quickly and easily managing all your digital photos, storing and sharing them online if desired, and basic enhancement of your images!

Spybot – Search and Destroy  – Good program to remove and protect you from spyware.  You can run this program “memory resident” for additional protection. Also be sure and click on the “immunize”button when you run it.

Malware Bytes – Another good and free malware protection and removal program.

AVG – Anti- Virus – Good virus protection program. The Free version is not a trial. Does not have as many functions as the full paid version but will help protect your computer if you are on a tight budget. Be sure and turn on your Windows Firewall or get a free firewall program such as Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm – Free Firewall 2012  – Zone Alarm has been around forever and has always had a free version! This is a two way firewall meaning it blocks problem traffic coming in to your computer as well as outgoing. Windows Firewall  only blocks incoming. For instance if you have a trojan or other malicious software trying to “phone home”, a firewall such as Zone Alarms is likely to block this.

1-4-2013 7-36-46 PMGreat Free password Keeper from   Works for PC, Mac, iphone, ipads and can access online! Read our review and how to article.

fluxF.lux – Changes your screen to match the time of day. Easier on your eyes and helps with insomnia! Blue light from your computer late at night stimulates you. F.lux gradually changes the color of your monitor to match the time of day. So at night the light becomes a soft golden light. I found myself yawning much sooner and ready for bed once I installed f.lux!
Review of F.lux  or get it now!