Virus Raids Bank Account

Paranoid About Banking Online?

New reasons to be paranoid about banking online. New Virus may raid your bank account. You can’t just watch it closely though as it will “spoof” your online statement and hide their activity. Read full article  Now first your computer has to be infected with this virus. You should be running a Anti Virus protection program. You should be running a anti malware/spyware program also. A good one that is free is Malware Bytes.

Of course these programs don’t always catch everything. So being a cautious, not complacent online banker I logged in to my account and set up some free alerts. Most major banks now have free alerts where you can be emailed or receive text messages. Decided it would be good to know when my balance drops too low. (Yeah should have done that one before!)  Also set up alerts to notify me if more than $1 is wired anywhere as this not a regular activity! Set up alerts (you decide a good dollar amt for you) if debit card is used, ATM and others. They might spoof your account, but unless they can or take the time to do so, disable your alerts – you will still be warned!

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