Data Overage Charges on iPhone

 Data Overage Charges on iPhone, iPad!

Just upgraded to iOS 9 the newest operating system for your iphone or ipad? If you don’t have unlimited data (and most don’t now) then turn off “wifi assist”.  This is turned on by default. Already a group of people are suing Apple blaming overage charges on the wifi assist feature – new to ios 9

It’s very easy to turn off

Go to Settings
assist2Tap on it.

Go to Cellular  and tap on it.








Now scroll all the way down to the bottom.
If you have a lot of apps that use cellular data (most do) then it may be a long scroll down!

Look for “wifi assist” and if it shows green, tap it to turn it off. Now you are done! What this does is uses cellular data if your wifi connection is poor. If that is the case you can turn it back on temporarily. But then you will know better than to watch Youtube videos using your cellular plan.

While you are here, go to your online cell company account. Find out what day of the month your new month starts. Mine happens to be on the 16th. So on that day (or close to it) I reset the statistics. Then I can track how much data I am using so I can budget it if need be and not run out!


Most cell plans will also let you set up alerts such as a text message warning you when you are half way thru your data allotment and then again when you are about to run out.









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