ios 6 coming soon

iOS6 for iphone & iPad coming sooniOS 6 the newest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod is mostly likely to be available either later in September or in October. It’s often tied to the new release of the iphone – the iPhone 5 in this case. Sometimes it’s good to wait as there can be bugs. But doubt if I will wait as am looking forward to some of the newer features. One big change expected is a major update to the maps – which will have turn by turn directions. They will no longer be using Google Maps. They will be using an Apple version instead. Not sure if that will be good or bad!

If you happen to have the newest version of the iPad – you will get to have Siri! I am still with the iPad 2 so no change there for me. There are some nice updates for the iphone. You can sent a call straight thru to voice mail or send a quick text message in reply.  You can also use Facetime on your cellular network rather than just over wifi.  Wonder how much of your minutes it will use up? I actually have unlimited minutes so will experiment and let you know.

The newest iOS 6 update will work on phones 3GS, iphone 4 and iphone 4S.  Also will work on the iPod touch 4th generation and the iPad2 and the latest 3rd generation ipad.  Sorry ipad 1 users – you are left behind on this one.

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