iOS 7 September

ios7iOS 7 should be here by early September 2013.

Should you upgrade? If you have the iphone 4 or higher and the iPad two or higher than you have the option to upgrade. Some choose to wait to see if there are any bugs. Also some of your favorite programs may not work for awhile. It takes many app developers time to update their application to work with the new operating system.

There are some new features that sound useful. The control center should be easier and faster to access. You just swipe up from the bottom of your screen. You can then access airplane mode, wifi, screen lock and screen brightness. There is also a new flashlight which I will find useful.

Swipe down from the top of your screen and open the notification center. You can choose to just see the alerts you have missed. That’s something very useful for me!

You can quickly go to the apps you have open to use or close them.

The built in camera now has filters. Many of us are not likely to find this useful as there are other very sophisticated cameras and filters.  There are some changes to the photo album but will have to use and test them to see if they are useful!

Air Drop sounds useful – send photos, contacts, other info to anyone close by to you who is also running ios 7.  Siri is supposed to be more sophisticated. And they have an iTunes radio. But I already use and love Pandora.

The new “find my iphone” sounds very useful. You can not only remotely erase your info, you can also post a message on the screen telling the user to call you. And you can lock you phone so it can not be used at all! Not much use stealing if they can’t use it.

At some point you almost have to upgrade to a new operating system as your favorite apps will update to the new ios 7.  But you might want to wait a few weeks (or months) and let your apps update first!

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