Health App for iphone

 Health App for iphone
Health App for iphone





Have you updated yet? You need an iphone 4S or newer and ipad 2 or newer (has to have the camera). Is it worth it – yes! It requires several gigs of free space to install – more space than it actually needs once installed.

Apple is billing this as the biggest update since the inception of the iphone. You will see some immediate changes but more will follow once app developers get going. There is now more creative freedom for developers.

I am going to touch on  1 aspect –  the new Health App that is built in to the iphone ios version. Sorry not available on the ipad. Find the icon with the heart. Tap on medical Id in the lower right corner.


Then edit >upper right corner. You can add allergies – I’m allergic to Sulfa Drugs. List medications you are taking, add an emergency contact, blood type, if you are an organ donor and any medical conditions. You can choose to have this info available even when your phone is locked. Emergency responders can look at your iphone and obtain a great deal of info.







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The health app is going to be the central location for all your health info – if you choose. Other fitness and Health apps will later tie into this app.

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