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Air Print

Printing from iPad and iPhone

Printing is easy now – if you have the right printer! It needs to be one with Air Print built in to it which should be most newer models.  I bought my HP Office Jet Pro 8600 plus about a year ago and it works with both my iphone and ipad.  Funny but think I did try it a year ago and gave up. But now works like a charm.
Your printer needs to be available “on the network” in order for this to work. This means it needs to be either plugged into your router or set up wirelessly on your network.  If it is plugged in directly to just one computer it probably will not work.

I tried printing first from my “Notes” application and then from my email. It worked beautifully and also worked from my ipad.

My photo examples below – I have a combo modem and router from Comcast. You may have a separate router and separate modem.  Your router then plugs into the modem. The printer and computer plug into the router.

So why didn’t I go “wireless” with my printer since it’s a wireless capable printer? Because it’s close to the router and it’s easier to just plug it in! More problems can crop up with wireless connections. Keep it simple when you can!

Troubleshooting Air Print

Are you plugged in from printer to router/modem?
Or is the printer available wirelessly on the network?
Can you print ok from  your computer?
Look up your printer model on the internet and see if it has Air Print built in (does it say can print from ipad/iphone?)
Update operating software on your iphone or ipad.
Update printer software.
Call printer tech support if all else fails.



Comcast Cable Router/Modem combined


Ethernet cable plugged into printer


Ethernet cable plugged into back of router/modem

 Troubleshooting Problems with ipad, iphone, printer not being on the network –

Shut everything off. Turn off or unplug modem, router, computer, printer, iphone, ipad.

Then turn on in the following order:
Turn on modem – wait 30 seconds.
Then turn on router (if separate), wait about 30 seconds
Turn on computer – wait until it connects to the internet.
Then turn on printer and let it power up.
Turn on all other devices.

Hopefully everything will now be connected!

If not, update software on all devices.
Cross your fingers.
If it still doesn’t work – cry/scream and either google the problem or call tech support!