AirDrop Transfer files from iphone to ipad

AirDrop – Transfer files from iphone to ipad – Video Tutorial

How to use Airdrop transfer files between iphone and ipad, or any idevice close by that has AirDrop and has it turned on. You can also transfer files such as contacts, pdf’s and anything that shows the share symbol. I like to take photos and video on my iphone. But then like to move them to my ipad to edit photos or video. Airdrop is such and easy smooth way to do this.

Airdrop creates a network between you iphone and ipad. You do not need to be on WiFi in order to do this. Videos transfer very fast taking only seconds in most cases.

Well now that you have transferred those photos – wouldn’t you like to do a quick edit using 4 EZ steps? Watch our ipad photo editing video next. (Works on iphone also.) Video – Quick EZ 4 step editing process. Watch next!

ipad photo editing