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Free Apps

Free Apps for the iphone and ipad

There are lots of free apps for the iphone, ipad and ipod.  But don’t you get tired of downloading one and it’s a dud? Or it’s pretty good but really only a trial version and useless until you pay? They should call it a trial version! It may have a big watermark, not let you save if it’s photo or video or you can only use it for a limited amount such as save 30 seconds of video.

Apps on this page are free when we list them. (If this changes, please let us know!) If they aren’t we will say so and tell you why they are still good to download.


apps_gone_freeApps gone free – Great way to build your ipad, iphone apps library. You can set notifications to tell you when new apps are posted daily. Read our review of this app. Worth the download! iTunes link


evernote_smEvernote – No one should be without this great free app! There is also a PC version. I would call it an unstructured database.  The free version is really good. You are more limited by the amount you can upload. But the free amount is pretty good! You can set up folders, notebooks and notes. Great for business but really good for personal use also. Download it now!


dropbox_smDropbox –  Don’t leave home without it. I can’t live without Dropbox. The free version – you get 2 gigs of space. You can get additional space by getting your friends to sign up also. The pro version at $10 month for 100 gigs is not bad. But use the free version sign up your friends and try it out. Many apps work seamlessly with dropbox.


picplaypost_smPicPlayPost – One of my all time fav video apps! There is a free version, think the file length is shorter.  It’s like a photo frame for video. You can add either a photo or video clip to each frame. Add a few of these to your video show and add some special interest! The pro version is worth the $1.99  But download the free version now. View in iTunes