What is HDR in your iPhone or iPad camera options and should you turn it on??

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.¬† This is the range from dark to light in a photo. Many photos will either have the highlights washed out or the shadow areas black with no detail. Cameras have a hard time capturing a high contrast scene. HDR on your iPhone or iPad takes three pictures. It takes a “normal” exposure, a lighter and darker exposure. It merges all three of these together fast and seamlessly to capture more detail in the highlights and shadow areas of your photos. Does it work? Often the photo will look much better. But sometimes it looks worse! Not to worry though as the HDR setting also saves the “normal” shot separately so you have the best of all possible worlds. Try it out. If it’s not working for you – you can always turn it back off.

Don’t try the HDR setting on action shots as they will probably¬† be blurred. Then again, you just might get some interesting effects!