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ipad photo editing - EZTechTraining.com

ipad photo editing

ipad photo editing

ipad photo editing using the default Apple Camera App

– 4 Easy steps to enhance your photos. (Also works on your iphones). The Apple Camera App (starting in ios8) has a free built in editing program that is free, easy to use to improve your photos.
My EZ Tech Training Video (on Youtube) shows you how to make most photos look better in just a few minutes of time. iPad Photo Editing (& iPhone ) in 4 EZ (easy) steps to make your photos pop! Make your photos sparkle using the editing feature in the built in camera app. It’s available in ios 8 and newer.

I demonstrate an easy 4 step method to enhance most of your photos quickly without having to open and close and work on your photos in other apps. It only takes a few minutes to make a noticeable improvement in your photos!You can also do more complex photo editing which I will cover in a future video tutorial.

You can edit immediately after taking your photo or select one from the camera roll. An additional featureĀ  – “Mark up” is in ios 10. It allows you to write text on your photo seamlessly in the one app. This is a great tool to use before posting your photos to Instagram, Facebook or other photo sites.