Transfer music itunes to iphone

Transfer music – itunes to iphone

Transfer music from iTunes to your iphone, fast, no synch or back up . Only 4 EZ (easy) steps. Manage your music manually in itunes, don’t over write your existing songs!

How to add songs to iphone from iTunes:

1. Change preferences to – Not auto sync device
2. Transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes – don’t lose songs!
3. Manage Library manually – so you don’t overwrite and lose songs!
4. Add music – no slow sync and back up necessary. Just right click to add to device or drag and drop songs from iTunes to your iphone.
Try this if you: Want to move songs from itunes without having to back up each time!
Want to move music without having to synch
If you don’t want to overwrite existing songs!
Manage your music in iTunes manually – take charge!

Fast, quick, EZ (easy) video tutorial.