Get your iphone or iPad on wifi

Many apps you may not be able to download unless you are on wifi

Go to Settings >Wifi

Click on the Network name you want to join.

Type in the password for the network and click “join”.

Most agents have wifi (wireless internet connection) in their office if not in their home. It’s also available at many public libraries, coffee shops.

Downloading Apps straight to your iPhone or iPad.

Click on App Store

Click on Search

Type in Name of App.  When you see it below click on it.  It will say “free” (or give cost) and then click install

If you are buying a number of apps for small amounts, the app store will charge you one at a time on your credit card. Easier to buy an iTunes card (Target, most Drugstores, etc).  Then you have a credit on your account and each app cost gets deducted from that.