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Apps Gone Free

Apps Gone Free – Good to help build your apps library!


Great iphone, ipad app to find free apps for your idevice. Easy to use. Just install and check daily. There will be a list with details and links of apps that are free. It shows a nice thumbnail image of the app and the star rating, as well as the usual price for it.  You can set your alerts so it will notify you when new free apps are available.

You do need to check it daily or you will miss out. Some apps are only free for one day. I have gotten a number of apps that were completely free – just for the one day. Not trial version, with water marks or other limitations.  Most of the featured apps seem to be in this category.  There are a lot of games of course. But I have gotten some great photo, video and business apps also.

You can’t miss with Apps Gone Free! (Unless like me you are an app a holic and running out of room!)


Fuze for iPad

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