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F.Lux Software – Free and Wonderful!

I love F.Lux! And it’s free. What does it do? It changes your screen to match the sun, to match the time of day. Earlier in the day the lighting will be blue toned. In the evening it will be more golden. Why should you care? Well monitors and other devices such as your iphone, tablet emit blueish light which is stimulating and makes it harder for you to go to sleep.

Enter f.lux I just didn’t want to bother. But after struggling more and more with insomnia I was ready to try anything. Didn’t expect much from it. But found myself yawning more and more as the evening wore on. I started thinking about bed at around 10:00 rather than my more common 11:00 pm or later.Also it is easy on your eyes. The change is very gradual.

And did I mention it’s free? Get f.lux now!

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