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F.lux Software

F.Lux Software – Free and Wonderful!

I love F.Lux! And it’s free. What does it do? It changes your screen to match the sun, to match the time of day. Earlier in the day the lighting will be blue toned. In the evening it will be more golden. Why should you care? Well monitors and other devices such as your iphone, tablet emit blueish light which is stimulating and makes it harder for you to go to sleep.

Enter f.lux I just didn’t want to bother. But after struggling more and more with insomnia I was ready to try anything. Didn’t expect much from it. But found myself yawning more and more as the evening wore on. I started thinking about bed at around 10:00 rather than my more common 11:00 pm or later.Also it is easy on your eyes. The change is very gradual.

And did I mention it’s free? Get f.lux now!


everpassFree Password Keeper for PC, iPhone and iPad and the Mac!

Maybe there are other free password keepers that work both for my PC and my iphone & ipad – but not bothering to look further. Everpassword, is free (good price!) I am trying to cut the cord as much as possible and be mobile – just the iphone and iPad much of the time. I am in Real Estate Sales so being mobile is essential.

I easily installed the program on my PC.  to download.  Downloaded the program on your idevice.  Sign up for an account. You can do so online or from any of your devices. Then log in and you will see the password keeper screen.ever3 Fill in your passwords for the different sections such as bank account, credit cards and so on. Scroll down further and there are more choices such as log ins for websites. Doesn’t matter which device you create a password, they will all be synched together! Be sure and use the same email and log in password on each device!

Now the only password you need to remember is your Master Password. Do NOT lose this password as Everpassword does not save or know your password. If you are forgetful – then write it down somewhere. Yes, I know they tell you to never do this! Just do not keep it anywhere near your computer. Maybe in a book that you will remember? Or ??

If you want a really strong and random password you can go to settings and let EverPassword generate a password for you!

To install go to