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Life Dreams and Legacy

Sims Life Dreams and Legacy Update






Also known as the Death Update – Tips

Best way to give your Sims more time to finish their life dreams is at Toddler level
Life Points to NOT age yet:

Toddler   – 5 life points
Pre-teen –
Adult   – 18 Life Points
Senior – 10 Life Points

How to Study Trigonometry

Sims Freeplay – tip for the new Life Dream Teen Quest

The Sims Freeplay is fun, funny and frustrating at times. Are you working on the new Life Dream Quest for a new teenager? Have you had them sitting at the study desk but nothing happens on the progress bar? Well my teen is now a Valedictorian at school because he has studied so hard at his desk! But Trig? No way. What a life dream. Hard for me to relate as math was not my favorite subject.

Sims Freeplay How to Study Trigonometry

Study Trigonometry – Use the Scholarly Bookcase

Ok, you need a bookcase for the teen to start on his Life Dream of studying Trigonometry.  Can’t be just any bookcase though – has to be the three star scholarly bookcase.  Or if you built the teen idol mansion it is on the first floor. See the photo below so you don’t buy the wrong one. You can just stow it in the Sims backpack and then move it to where ever your teenage Sim lives.

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Teen Life Goal - How to Study Trigonometery
Screen shot photo of how to study trigonometry – Sims Freeplay

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