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Map Press Easy Google Maps Plug in – Review

What’s in my plug in folder? If I need a map for any reason, especially alot of maps, then Chris Richardson’s Map Press Plug in for WordPress will be in my plug in folder. I have two sites with maps on almost every page. It was very time consuming going to Google Maps and creating a map and then bringing the code back to my site. And even worse I discovered any time I edited a page with a map the map would disappear or not work right.

This elegantly simple plug in does one thing well – create a map, let you name it and insert it into either a post or page on your WordPress Blog/Site. Add the plug in to your wordpress site and activate. The free version is quite nice. If you want to list map links under your map and display multiple locations the paid version is well worth it.

To get started:
Click on New Map

Type in address




Your location now shows on your map

You can click on edit and give the location a name instead of an address or include both.





Now hover over your title on the left side and click insert map.



Now you have a great little map for your page (or a large one). I love simplicity! You can find this plug in at by typing in map press. Or go to Chris Richardson’s Map Press Website.

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